We started Angerer Family Farms as a vehicle to diversify our connection to Sonoma County. For several years, as we waited for our trees to grow, we grew a variety of tomatoes and fruits which we sold to local markets. We also have a healthy flock of chickens who provide eggs to local restaurants. But as we near our first truffle harvest our attention is shifting below ground.

As long time Sonoma County residents, we have seen the agricultural evolution take shape as apple orchards were replaced by vineyards. The "Wine Country" has taken hold over the region and has sparked world wide interest in our beloved home. Wine tasting has inevitably catered to the growth of the culinary industry and fine dining.

An article in Forbes magazine regarding the truffle industry initially sparked our interest to pioneer a unique farming approach not only to Sonoma County, but the entire continent. The pairing of fresh truffle with the already booming wine industry is a perfect match and hopefully soon we will be living in Truffle AND Wine country!