Mystique is in the Truffle

Early in 2012, Alexander Valley Truffle Company (AVTC) planted hazelnut trees inoculated with the coveted French winter black truffle spores known as Tuber Melanosporum. The seedlings were meticulously cared for in a sterile laboratory/nursery in Oregon for a year, by renowned scientist and truffle expert Dr. Charles Lefevre. Extensive time and research went into identifying the perfect site to attempt this innovative feat, factoring in yearly annual temperature, precipitation and soil conditions. We attempt to maintain the exact soil chemistry and have selected the ideal growing conditions necessary to produce this culinary treasure.

The process of coaxing a truffle out of the soil takes years to achieve with some growers never reaching the goal. We have consulted with leading truffle cultivation experts in the world to help in our attempt of becoming one of the first truffle growers in Sonoma County to produce the delectable delicacy known as Earths Black Diamonds. Our truffiere consists of 1500 hazelnut trees on 8 acres that replaced a profitable vineyard. Our belief is that not only can we achieve our goal of growing winter black truffles but also produce a product of the highest quality and quantity for a fresh supply to local markets.